Solar charge regulators of Uhlmann are worldwide in use.
Companies like Siemens, NEC, GEC, Mannesmann, the German railways and the Fraunhofer Institutes belong to the authoritative customers.

Power supply for wireless repeater stations, autonomous households, solar street lamps, water traffic lights, solar home systems

all autoark PV systems from 3 watt up to 10kW. 

References in pictures:

Weitere Referenzen:

Solar electricity supply for mountain regions, example mobile radio station Austria

Solarstation with Uhlmann Equipment in the desert of Chile 

Typical example of an stand alone installations equipped with Uhlmann-regulators

Uhlmann solar regulators also for middle installations

Attachment in Kuweit was equipped with Uhlmann technology

Lighting or traffic attachments with Uhlmann loading regulators




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