Uhlmann Solarelectronic GmbH

Senior Siegfried Uhlmann founded the company in the year 1982. Autark solar installation have been truely exotic in these times. The next generation took over 1998 with son Arno Uhlmann. The researcing, development and manufacturing of solar charge regulators is still the main bussines. The simple charge regulators from the first days have been replaced by microcontroller operated system managers with a lot of input parameters and graphical information displays.

High-tech for our solar future

We are specialized on high power charge regulators (for example the PowerTarom with 140A at 48V) and on IP65 protected chargers. Our customers are building systems like telecommunication repeaters, pumps, solar home systems, electric boats, traffic lights and many more. Regulators for solar street ligthts have been designed for our customers with features like: brightness control, digital switch clocks, motion detectors, seasonal programming wireless swarm intelligence. We are also offering accessories like inverrters, sensors, LED lamps and thermal regulators. Since 1996 we are in a cooperation with the company STECA and are working together to help you to build your autark PV systems.

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